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It has been a marvelous year for our hockey team. In 2015, Chesamisi Boys High School hockey team has been a force to reckon with. Due to God's will, our teams zeal, hard work and determination to excel, we managed to defeat our arch rivals of many years Friends School Kamusinga Boys Hockey team. After defeating them, we proceeded to the regionals for the first time in a long time. This could not have been possible achievement without leadership and support from our able captain Barasa Danstone, our coach Mr. Bruno Mukhongo and our games master Mr. Fred Masinde. Though we did not manage to go to the nationals, we proceeded as the bigger threat to our opponents. We continue to stand tall as the biggest team and our determination will surely see us excel. We have not stopped exercising and continue to practice with the realization that soon another season is coming by and we will trounce our rivals once again and emerge the best. Our love for the game and for school keeps us going regardless of the challenges. We also wish to thank our principal Mr. John Wakwabubi for the great support in providing us with moral supports, games equipments, a conducive environment to nurture our talent and putting in place measures that ensure we remain comfortable. We also thank God the Almighty for the strength and energy He continually gives us. As a team, we are still focused, determined and committed towards scaling higher levels of greatness in this sport that we do love. Since Chesamisi Boys' High School is an all-round school, hockey in this school is indeed alive. In the 2015 inter school competition, Chesamisi High School was crowned the county Champions after flooring FSK in penalties. This was made possible from the support we received from the games department ,coach, support from the outgoing team, the school administration and the whole school community in general, we thank you all for your tireless effort to see us excel and motivation to always fight for what is rightfully our excellence. The incoming captain is promising and has continued to show a lot of potential towards leading the school to become champions as they prepare for the East and Central African Championships.

Harry Neville (Incoming captain) Eugene Joe, and Tonny Wawire - Assistant Hockey Captain


We appreciate the school administration for maximum support we have received year in year out. Offering us financial, physical resources and moral support has been motivating to the team members. Our coaches efforts and commitment to the team have seen us pursue the long journey to success. Thanks to Mr. Ambrose Njasi and Mr. Kevin Simiyu.
Even though we began on a low note, we are proud that we have been able to maintain the school title and even added the Bradley Tournament trophy to our collection of trophies. In school inter competitions, we were bungled out in the semifinals by our opponents Bungoma High School, we promise them that next year, it will not be easy for them. We have put mechanisms to raise new young players who have replaced the candidate players who won’t be in the school next year .Byrum, Osoro, Namasake, Silungi, John, ombulwa, and Nehemiah. Thanks God Almighty for them, we pray they succeed in future and continue playing rugby.

Compiled by incoming Captain and Overall tem secretary –Nickson Nyandieka


We would like to thank the Almighty God for life, talent and victory the whole of this season. We were able to participate up to the district levels where we emerged the runners up after the East and Central African Champions. We would like to thank our head coach Mr. Fred Masinde together with our trainers Mr. Baraza Amos and Mr. Gerald Barasa for the support they gave us throughout the season.
We would like to thank the administration for the support they gave us by supporting us financially and morally, while giving us the space to push and nurture our talents. We would like to thank the players for their unity, cooperation and dedication to the school and the team this season. We continue to pursue excellence by practicing hard with an aim of being the best team in the nation and the region.

Kelvin Owino Humprey
Incoming Handball Team Captain


Am very grateful to the management of the school for giving us the support that our club requires. We specially thank our principal Mr. Wakwabubi for the helping hand in the running of this club.
Our club is made up of 71 members who are committed in making sure that the club is very lively on top of its game. We also appreciate the commitment and the effort of the club chairmen namely:

Casper Wanyama- The vice chairman
Earle Jeffery – Secretary
Charles Ogato- Coordinator
Franc Juma – The Treasurer.

We highly thank our patron Madam Eunice Kisiangani for the support we have receive from you, it is invaluable and immense ,your full engagement in the club giving us directions has assisted us in the right direction ,nurturing our dreams by taking us on enriching trips.
For sure the journalism club has brought the best in students making Chesamisi into great gentlemen, we thank God for that. We encourage all of you to participate fully in the club and work hard towards making our club great.
Kudos to all members of the journalism club for cooperating always pushing to be the best and embracing unity, this has enable club run smoothly and achieve many milestones. The journalism club members are keen on trimming our egos, progress our streams and be heroes and not zeros’.
Thanks All. Long live the Chesamisi High School Journalism Club.

Isagi Sonny Ryan
Chairman journalism club

DRAMA CLUB (Western Buffs)
It’s by prayer, hard work and determination that for a long time Chesamisi’s name remains painted in the Kenya National drama festivals. No festival is complete without a play, narrative or stand-up comedy.
In 2015, it has been very successful for the school through comedian Oliech who went through to regionals. Our play SCARFACE season finale with talented cast of Ed Daril (Hazard),Marvin (Shujaa),Daniel (Hitler), Wawenka (Aura), Maxwell , Wilock ,Arnold, Ian, Gabu and our upcoming superstars Sydo, Warui, Arnold W, Liyai, Mwangi, Alfred and many others who competed up to the county levels.
Still in the same year, history repeated itself when our talented narrators Mavin Kusimba (Polo Jaramba) and Daniel Oliech (Otis Pacho) staged an entertaining oral narrative at Lohana hall, 9.30 a.m on 9th April in Nakuru County. The crowds were moved with the rib cracking story of ‘Abscondita’ which even attracted the attention of the media, Daily Nation 10th march page 23.
These were achieved through the efforts of our able officials, Marvin Kusimba- chairman, Daniel Oliech-stage manager, Maxwell murila-costume and décor, Arnold Ingoka-disciplinarian, Erick Nderitu – Assistant Discplinarian, Ian Isigi – Former Form 4 Representative and our Principal Mr. Wakwabubi for the support.
Not forgetting our directors Joel Kweyu and Kim Khisa for their experienced directing. Our able Patron Madam Waweru and Mr. Omega for all their support. We also thank the administration for standing by us throughout this adventure. Pen ultimately, we wish to thank God for His provision and guidance.
Thanks everyone. Long Live Chesir!!!!!! Long Live Drama club!!!!!!

Marvin Kusimba, Ed Daril Wanjala and Trevor Elphas.
Big ups Drama members.

As a club we are trying to come up with objectives that may improve the school appearance .we are in the process of planning how our members shall contribute meaningful contribution towards improvement of the school.
Every member of the club is expected to have a wild life club card that is renewed on a  termly basis. This card assist members to access any museum and national park either free or at reduced rate unlike individuals without cards.
The club has an average of 79 members minus form four members and it’s our hope that by the end of the year, all club members will have the card. We are proud of our patron Mr. Milton Azariah who has worked with the school Principal to ensure that the club progresses ahead well.

Francis Ochieng
The club Chairman

The elected students were taken through training to assist them in guiding and counseling their peers. After the training, they planted a seedling to nurture and care for. If a peer counselor could nurture a seedling to a tree, it meant that he can also nurture his peers well.
United in our differences is our slogan which keeps us on the move, with unity, we can reach the sky. Since formation of the club, we have experienced tremendous positive attitude and students conduct, The students have remained united, determined and focused in their core business while being their brother’s keeper.
We are led by Mrs. Tukuni Zipporah (HOD Guiding and counselling), Mrs. Masasa Millicent, Mrs. Waweru Ann, Mr. Werunga Steve, Mr. Nauto Kennedy, Etyang Felix Omoille- Clubs General Secretary and Mr. Jethro Muse, the Clubs co-ordinator.



It is by God’s grace and mercy that we are here today. The Christian union has grown to greater heights and is still growing through the support we continually receive from our Patron Mr. Masinde Fred and assistance from Mrs. Nalianya, Ann Waweru, Madam Masasa , Madam Zipporah and the school administration at large.
As a society, we know that there is great power in prayer and fasting and aim to pray and fast always. Not only does fasting present us before God while we are pure in His presence, it also clears our digestive system which does a lot of work.
I would also like to encourage my fellow students to embrace praise and worship. We commend our praise and worship team who commit students to Christ and encourage them to give their lives to Jesus. Our appreciation also goes to a special group of officials whom we have stood together and discussed issues concerning our society and assisting each other solve the various challenges we have faced.
As a society , we have seen God , who has restored us through thick and thin. We thank Him for this. To our fellow students, be aware that every decision you make counts a lot in your life as an individual. Always remember that you were born an original, don’t die a copy. May the LORD bless you and stand with you as we look forward towards good results.

Simiyu Gilbert
C.U Chairman


Young Christian society students, Shalom brothers and sisters.

YCS fire; Rooted in Christ, we venture in harmony.
YCS Motto; Rooted in Christ, we venture in hope.
YCS methodology; See, Judge, Act and Reflect.

The YCS society is a dominant society in Chesamisi Boys’ High school. This has been made possible due to the strong leadership we receive from Mr. Mukhongo Bruno the Patron, Mr. Kale Geoffrey, the assistant Patron and Mr. Werunga the assistant Patron.

Some of the official include:-
Mamati W. Oscar – Chairperson
Oscar Onyango  - Assistant chairperson
Lawrence Wafula – Secretary
Job Nyongesa – Choirmaster
Walter Lawendi – Choirmaster
Leki Saiyaki -  Prayer coordinator

The society has produced most leaders in the school. Just to mention a few, there is Douglas Ayieko, the outgoing school captain and Emmanuel Matanda, the incoming assistant School captain.
We also thank those who have supported the society. In 2015, we emerged the best school in contributing towards the flags day in Kimilili Bungoma sub county amongst non catholic schools. Long live YCS society.

Oscar Wafula Mamati
Chairperson YCS society


The society is a movement that was established by the Adventists in the year 1964 with the basic intention of assisting the all round youths in school to understand more of their faith.
As a religious movement, we instill important skills on leadership, life and ensure spiritual growth. Our Patron Mr. Borter John ensures that the movement runs smoothly and grown stronger.
It also helps its members to engage in mercy work under Kiptanui Evans and Ogato Charles through praying together. All in all, we have trusted God for His victorious deeds upon us thus standing stable with our methodologies ‘We believe.’ We thank God for Chesamisi and our society.

Assistant secretary , Muchuku Alvin


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We thank God Almighty for this grace and favor upon us as Chesamisi Games and sports fraternity.

Indeed this far we have come, it has been his enablement. Chesamisi High School offers a wide curriculum in terms of games and sports.

2015 has been fairly successful for us.
The famous soccer team, the Buffaloes retained their sub county title in style.
The Hockey team won the county title for the first time, re writing history books.
The racquet team went up to the regionals level.
We are the rugby 7's sub county 2015 title holders, while in Volleyball, we were among the semifinalist at the county level. Despite these observed success, we have so much room for improvement in rugby, athletics and basketball.

We intend to work hard in 2016 with a Bang!!!

Finally I would like to thank administration at Chesamisi High School for its unrelenting support to the games department .The teams are fairly well kitted and there has been reasonable exposure through participation in tournaments and friendly matches. I hope that this year we will do better. Otherwise God Bless you all. God bless Chesamisi. Long Live the Buffaloes.

Mr. Masinde Fred H.O.D