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Chair, Board of Governors Mr.William Kundu

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May I take this opportunity first to thank God for the far He has brought the school. I am grateful for this platform for providing a forum for interaction among various stakeholders as they chart the way forward for the welfare of this cherished great school.
The school has over time produced competent and brilliant servants who have served diligently both locally and internationally.

I acknowledge the improved mean… These improved results were attributed to visionary leadership, tireless and hardworking teachers, dependable students and supportive parents.

I wish to thank the PTA under the stewardship of Mr. Sumba Albert for generating funds for school development and academic improvement. So far the building of the tuition block project is ongoing. The school has acquired a new school bus totaling to 2 for efficient and effective operation of the school programs.

Despite the tremendous achievements, we still have a pressing challenge of being under staffed , the school has employed 19 teachers who are paid by the school board of management and we are still praying and frequently reminding the persons concerned that they consider us for more teachers.

All in all I most sincerely thank the Ministry of Education , teachers service Commission, P.T.A, The Principal, The Governor Bungoma County, Kamukuywa ward MCA, the Sponsors (Quakers) for their goodwill and support for the school.

Chair, Parents Teachers Association Mr.Albert Sumba

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I take this great opportunity to register my sincere gratitude to the parents of Chesamisi boys’ High school for entrusting and supporting me over the years.

The challenges facing the P.T.A executives are as follows:

Shortage of teaching staff; Parents have to continually raise funds through school fees for the BOM to employ B.O.M teachers in understaffed areas.

Outstanding fees balances. Although some committed parents have already cleared school fees for theis sons, other continue to lag behind making the school fees balances alarming.

Raising and maintaining high standards of discipline It is the duty of every parent to discipline his/her son, so that the teacher does not waste time handling students’ cases instead of teaching.

I lastly recognize the efforts put in by parents in investing in the school projects namely, the tuition complex which is still underway, the bakery and the posho mill which are currently in operation.

May God bless our dear parents! May God bless Chesamisi boys!

The Principal Mr. John Wakwabubi

Principal's picture First of all, we wish to thank the Almighty God for His grace upon our great school. The Almighty God has continued to give us strength to serve this great nation through the students that we nurture each and every year.

Popularly referred to as 'the Buffalo', as a school, we borrow a lot from the character of this animal. The Buffalo is one of the Africa’s big five. It’s among the most feared animals and it is a very determined animal in the jungle. As it runs towards its target, it aims to achieve its goal. If it encounters any challenge, it knocks down the obstacles off its way and Chesamisi Boys bears the same characteristics as a buffalo.

We wish to appreciate the commitment of the Board of Management and PTA for their tireless effort to ensure that this school continues to grow from strength to strength.

To the teaching and non teaching staff, I wish to say that your exemplary commitment to duty is what has kept this great on the upward trend in both academics and co-curricular activities.

The B.O.M and the P.T.A  have ensured that all PTA projects remain on course.

We wish to register our heartfelt gratitude to our parents who have supported the school fully through payment of fees and moral support.

As a school, we have continued to support the needy students through an internal bursary scheme. I wish to thank His Excellency the Governor Bungoma County, Hon. Ken Lusaka, B.O.M chairperson, P.T.A Chairman, Old boys, teachers, workers and students for contributing towards this noble cause.

We wish to extend our appreciation to the Ministry of Education for your continuous support through the free secondary education fees payment program. This support has enabled us provide teaching and learning materials to our students.

We wish to observe that curriculum implementation in the school is up to date with the ultimate aim of ensuring that no uncovered work spills over to the next class. In many classes, the coverage is ahead of the schemed work as a result of extra teaching.

As a school, we appreciate and value all our stakeholders, workers, P.T.A and B.O.M for their commitment to this school and their continuous top notch support.

God bless Chesamisi! God bless the Buffalo.

Deputy Principal Mr. Daniel Wanjala

Deputy Principal's pictureThe Deputy Principals office handles among other issues, discipline. Discipline is critical for a school as it determines the academic performance of the students.

Our students are highly disciplined due to the structure put in place in school to ensure that they live by certain guidelines. For example, our school rules and regulations are issued to students as part of the admission instructions.

The school also has a disciplinary committee that handles cases of students who violate the school rules.

The guidance and counseling department plays a critical role in enhancing students discipline through its programs and rehabilitation of referral cases. The school is also established on strong Christian foundation hence the vibrant students Christian societies. YCS, C.U and SDA also inculcate correct virtues among students.

The students have also democratically elected secretaries from among themselves to form the students’ council which provides a link between the students and the teachers.
The teaching and non teaching staff also play a critical role in enforcing discipline among students.

As a school, I am happy to note that our level of discipline has improved immensely. However, a few challenges abound since a student is bound to violate a school rule once in a while. As much as we cherish the saying that , ‘each student is the brother ‘s keeper’. We do accept and continually try to squash the previously unforeseen challenges that come with modernity including technological changes, celebrity issues and secularization. We strive to embrace what is positive but remain rigid to what does not add value.

Long live Chesamisi Boys’ high school.

Director of studies

DOS picture Education being the core reason for being in school, the office of the DOS plays a crucial role of making sure this is achieved. Our office has ensured that the implementation of the curriculum is carried out in the best way possible.

Various programmes have been put in place to realise this dream. These include;
Remedial and inbuilt tuition carried out after normal class time is one of such programmes. This is meant to help cover their syllabus and take care of low achieving students at their own pace. This particular program has helped us to finish all the work that is meant for a certain class on time and we have no incidences of carrying over work from the previous class to the next one.

Our target each and every year is to clear the syllabus by September for junior classes and by March for Form 3 and Form 4 classes.
To motivate the students and create a spirit of healthy competition among them, after release of each Continuous Assessment Tests (CAT) every student is ranked and rewarded on merit. Also every class and every house are ranked on merit. Those who continually perform dismally, their parents support is called upon and together we do counsel the students.

Motivation of the teachers and support staff also plays a crucial role in improving results. Team teaching has also been enhanced in order to fast track syllabus coverage and completion.

Frequent academic departmental meetings are emphasized on.

For the candidates to finish strong, new programmes have been designed and put in place to emphasize grasping of content and testing to sharpen the students.

Over the years, there has been a steady increase in performance despite the increase in candidature. However, more emphasis has been on reducing the tails so has to have as many students scoring quality grades and many of them joining university, i.e. attaining the mean grade of C+ and above.

To expose students to more evaluation, the school is a member of the Jonacknan family comprising of 12 schools that do exam together on a termly basis.

The students are also involved in a sub county exam of champions called the champions exam. We also have the sub county in 3rd term for form 1-3, not to forget the JISET that sharpen our candidates further for the exams.
After benchmarking with renowned schools such as St. Josephs Kitale, Alliance High School, Musingu High and Maranda, good programs have been adopted. With this programs we believe we will add value to our already existing programs to push us towards even greater heights in academics.
We thank our school principal Mr. John Wakwabubi and the deputy principal Mr.Wanjala who greatly supports the programs with a hand on approach and involvement.
I appreciate the parents for the financial and moral support. We highly believe that we are on the right course and are sure that we will achieve our goals of improved mean every year.

We live by our motto and are determined to excel.

Mr. Azaria Milton
The DOS.


Administration is a central function in the day to day running of our great Insitution Chesamisi boys. As the famous phrase used in relation to computer processing goes, 'garbage in, garbage out', there was therefore a need to have an effective and competent adminstration in place, to ensure maximum success.

For this reason, Chesamisi boys has an effective and devolved system of administration each tasked with representing the various school stakeholders and to inject their much needed skills and expertise neccesary for the day to run running of the Institution.

The various adminstrative units, have their own leadership structure hence we have amongst other administrative offices, the office of the Principal , Deputy Principal, Director of studies, the school Board of Governors and the Parents Teachers Association.