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Mathematics is one of the compulsory six subjects in the school, it is a subject whose fundamental ideas are closely related to the

real world and their learning involves empirical concepts. The main objective of teaching and learning mathematics is to develop

critical and logical thinking among learners.


In order to achieve the above objective, we have developed and put in place several programmes to enhance the understanding of

mathematical concept. Some of the programmes include; Early syllabus completion, Frequent Assessment of students, proper revision

strategies and group discussions and various internal and external contests. To coordinate these functions, the following are

the officers who help in this endeavour; Mr. Kale Geoffrey (HOD), Mr. Barasa Moses (HOS), Mr. Noel Simiyu, Mr. Buliba Zachariah, Mr. Limo

Lei, Mr Masinde Titus and Mr. Bollo Dominic. These teachers have helped the students develop a positive attitude towards the subject and

their teachers. We are sure that our results this year 2016 will show a remarkable improvement when compared to all the past results. Our

target mean score for the class of 2016 in mathematics is 10.0.


The mathematics department is working towards achievement of vision 2030 by ensuring that as many schools as possible join competitive

courses of which mathematics is a prerequisite subject to enhance the technology of our country Kenya


Ladies and gentlemen, it is with humility that I endeavor to give you an insight into what Chesamisi High School English Department upholds and its invaluable contributions to the success of this institution.

 The following cherished core values have remained our motivation for going forward.

Motto; English for prosperity

Vision; Promote English as a medium of expression.

Mission; To mould linguistically articulate citizen.

The department has committed, versatile and gallant men and women of intergrity ready to     assist our boys realize their set targets and pursue learning English with zeal and commitment. Those colleagues include:-

Joseph Baraza Wabwire, HOD, MR. Ambrose Walela Njasi  - HOS, Mr. John Wayong’o, Mrs. Eunice Kimeta, Mrs. Nancy Njagi, Mr.Amos Barasa, Mrs Linda Wataka and Mr. Willy Nyakundi.

Note: The only man who never makes mistakes is the man who never does anything.

The English Departments Performance.

According to Ralph Waldo Emerson, “the world has the habit of making room for the man whose words and actions shows that he knows where he is going”. Our ultimate destination is molding linguistically articulate citizens. Our results over the years, though modest, shows a steady improvement and a clear indication of where we are going.

Our greatest glory is not in failing to achieve our targets, but in the rising up every time we fail. Our performance over the years as tabulated below show a great determination to excel as enshrined in our school motto.

Year:  2008   2009   2010   2011   2012   2013   2014

Mean: 7.315 7.60    7.870   7.116  8.166  7.20    7.40

Among the strategies employed by the department to improve the quality of our results include; early syllabus coverage, quality testing and revision, improves student-book ratio, team teaching and watching performances and analysis of set books.

Notable challenges include; use of sheng’ aversion to speaking English, poor reading culture, general laziness and a lax approach to academic staff.


In the pursuit of their scholarly achievement, students are exposed to a well-stocked library. We recently bought more textbooks effectively reducing our student to test ratio considerably.

We also continually buy local dailies which they can access and this assists them to keep abreast with contemporaries.

Our library is managed by Mr. Jack B. Wandwasi  the senior librarian and Ruth Nambafu the librarian.

We encourage our esteemed students to pursue knowledge relentlessly.

God bless you abundantly.

Mr. Masinde Bruster

Acting HOD English and Library Services.


Motto: Excellence our Pride.

Vision: To produce a confident and courageous student equipped with biological skills to positively affect the environment

Mission: To equip the learners with biological concepts and appropriate practical skills to become competent, reliable and self-motivated achievers.

Core values:

To infuse hard work, integrity, honesty and dedication into the students.

To stimulate and maintain interest in hands on, eyes on and minds on activities, so as to enjoy studying the subject and eventually produce appreciable grades.

The department has the following members; Mr. Wakwubabi John, Mr. Wandukwa Steve, Mr. Mukhongo Bruno, Mr. Lusweti Elias, Mr. Weruuga Stephen, Mr. Lunganyi, Mr. Masinde Fred, Mr. Wamayuyi Aaron, Mr. Nauto, Mrs. Robai Nalianya and Ms. Mokokha Silvia.

The Laboratory technicians are; Kundu Thomas and Kuyabi Annette.

All the members of the department work for continuous sustained improvements of the results. It is clearly obvious that the continuous improvement of the mean in Biology will impact positively on the overall school mean.

To achieve this, the department has embarked on strategic revision where;

  • Group work whereby students tackles topic after topic in discussion.
  • Quizzes given after topical discussions as a feedback mechanism.
  • Students under supervision, demonstrate their manipulative skills in practical work over the weekends.
  • Students aimed with testable objectives set topic al questions and discuss the answers in the presence of a teacher.

We believe that there is no limit to our continuous improvement until when we hit the 12.0 mark

Mr. Wandikwa Steve

Head of Department


Motto: Desire to Lead.

Vision: to be the department with quality grades in order to produce responsible self-driven citizens with technological skills.

Mission: to be committed in time, effort and utilization of available resources to produce innovative youth who are competitive in the modern digital world.

Core values; professionalism, team work, value addition.

Strength; committed and reliability.

Challenges; Understaffing, poor students –book ration especially in Chemistry and few laboratories.

The people who continue to make this department what it is include

Mr. Timothy Muyekho –HOD Physics 

Mrs. Robai Nalianya HOS Chemistry

Mr. Masinde Fred

Mr. Kale Geoffrey

Mr. Wangoliko Samson

Mr. Buliba Zachariah

Mr. Wamayuyi

Mr. Simiyu Noel

Mr. Simiyu Kevin

Mr. Werunga

Mr. Limo Lei

Mr. Barasa Moses

Mr. Nyangule Fednand

Ms. Makokha Silvia

Mr. Nakome Saul Mark

Mr. Maxwell Ochieng'

 M. Masinde Titus




Kiswahili ni lugha rasmi na ya taifa nchini Kenya. Kinafundishwa katika viwango vyote vya elimu katika mtalaa wa Elimu nchini. Kutokana na hilo, idara ya Kiswahili katika shule ya Wavulana ya Chesamisi imejizatiti kuendeleza ufundishaji bora wa Kiswahili ili kuendana na malengo ya elimu nchini.

Idara ya Kiswahili inajivunia matokeo bora. Ni mojawapo wa idara dhabiti shuleni. Kutokana  na uongozi bora idarani pamoja na kuwepo kwa walimu wenye uelewa na ufahamivu mpana wa kunga za ufundishaji wa vipengele anuwai vya lugha ya Kiswahili mathalan ufahamu, kuzungumza na kusikiliza, fasihi andishi,fasihi simulizi,insha,sarufi na isimu jamii hushughulikiwa kikamilifu.

Kuanzia miaka ya mwanzo hususan2012, Kiswahili kimeorodheshwa chenye matokeo bora shuleni.

 Jedwali lifuatalo linaonyesha matokeo katika somo la Kiswahili kuanzia mwaka wa 2012;












Idara ya Kiswahili imeandama mfumo wa Teknolojia ya kisasa katika ufundishaji. Kwa sasa makala huandaliwa na kufundishwa kwa kutumia tarakilishi, vile vile wanafunzi wanaweza kutangamana na walimu wao wakiwa likizoni kupitia kwenye mitandao ya kijamii, ambako wao huuliza maswali na majibu kutolewa. Uwezo wa wanafunzi kuwasiliana na walimu wao kwa uhuru umewasaidia katika uelewa wa vipengele vifundishwavyo darasani.

Idara hii ina walimu wanane waliojitolea kuboresha ufundishaji. Kaimu mkuu wa idara ni Bw. Wabuyekha Andrew na mkuu wa somo ni Bw. Kenna Wasike. Walimu wengine idarani ni Bi Waweru Anne, Bi Aziza Asiko, Bw. Nabangi Charles, Bi. Masitsa Joy, Bw. Wakoli Emmanuel na Bw Barasa Gerald.

Pamoja na kiswahili, idara hii inahusisha somo la kifaranza linalofundishwa na Bi Watitwa Hilda.Somo hili limeondokea kupendwa na kenziwa miongoni mwa wanafunzi shuleni.


Mwaka huu wa 2016, azimio lililopo ni kuboresha zaidi matokea zaidi ya yale ya mwaka uliopita. Vile vile idara hii inalenga kujenga msingi imara wa lugha shuleni kwa kushinikiza mawasiliano yanayotekelezwa kwa lugha ya Kiswahili yawe fasaha.


Our department is one of the key departments in school that oversees the teaching of two subjects namely CRE and History and Government. The department’s motto is ‘We lead as others follow’ .we are committed to produce a humane individual in the society. For the effective running of the department, the subject heads play a crucial role in ensuring teaching of the subject.

They have vast teaching experience which is an added advantage to the department.

We are privileged to have the following members who not only teach but have other responsibilities in school as well. Mr. Wanjala Daniel(Deputy Principal), Mr. Azaria Milton (DOS) ,Mr. Wangila Beubella (Careers),Mrs. Tukuni Zipporah (HOD Guidance and Counselling).Their added responsibilities have a direct impact on our academic performance.

The department has continued to be the best performing department in the school. We appreciate the support we have received from administration, parents, colleagues and students.

Despite the steady improvement, as a department we have had the following challenges;

  • Poor syllabus coverage especially in History and Government.
  • Some students harbor negative attitude towards the subject.
  • Inadequate personnel to manage the ever increasing numbers especially now that CRE is a compulsory subject to all students.

Assuming that the subjects are relatively easy hence students do not allocate them adequate time to study them.

We have to call for collective responsibility if we have to live to our motto.

Mrs. Sinja Bernadette

HOD Humanities Department.


The department is headed by Boaz Wamalwa Khaemba.

The department has a wide curriculum that includes;

  • Agriculture
  • Music
  • Art and design
  • Business studies
  • Computer studies
  • Music

Agriculture has Mr. Hezron Baraza as HOS, Mr. Josephat Wasilwa and Mr. Charles Chembeni as team members.

Art and design has Mr. Aggrey Omega as the HOS who has done a wonderful job with the subject.

Business studies teachers are Mr. Edwin Nalianya, Gertrude Lukela, Zipporah Mulumia and Hilda Watitwa.

Computer studies has Mrs. Millicent Masasa as HOS and Mr. Evans Waswa.


Boaz Wamalwa Khaemba

HOD technical departments


This is one of the active academic department that plays an instrumental role in implementation of the curriculum especially teaching and learning of Geography.

The department has a team of experienced teachers all working under the head of department.

Relentless effort and team spirit exhibited by the members enabled the department to realize remarkable improvement in KCSE exams.

This was further enhanced by;

  • Early syllabus coverage
  • Quality testing and effective revision
  • Focused student centered discussion
  • Benchmarking with renown schools

The subject is wide and has various practical aspects like statistics, fieldwork, map work and photographic interpretation.

We thank the school for their continued support especially our annual field study trip to Lake Nakuru national Park. This enriched learners’ perspective and added value in their overall performance.

The department aim is to mould all round individuals who can cope with the challenges of the world. As a department we would highly become effective if we had additional personnel and resources to cope with the increased enrollments.

Members of the departments include ; Mr. John Borter – HOD , Mr. Sasaka Makhachimba – HOS, Zipporah Mulumia, Gertrude Khatete, Milton Azaria and Daniel Wanjala.

The department encourages leaners to strive for self-motivation while maximizing their potential. Some of the great benefits of self-motivation are;

It enables the learners to get inner strength and perform at their best in everyday task.

Develop skills that make them energized.

Enables them to continually work with focus and consistency without giving up.

Ensure they remain enthusiastic, happy and optimistic and believe in themselves.

Desire for more knowledge will develop creativity and originality.

Self-motivation propels one’s life to achieve small things that eventually lead to bigger achievements.

Being motivated as leaders, makes them motivated as well.

Finally, they will accomplish extra ordinary milestones using ordinary means.

Surely, nothing energizes and re-energizes like self-motivation.

Borter John

HOD Geography



Chesamisi High School continues to pursue its mission of enhancing and coordinating quality education for versatile and diligent youth. In line with this, Geography department continues to claw its way to the top.

The quality of education is the concern of every teacher in the department. The teacher meticulously plan and execute their work well and on their time.

As a team, the departments believes that everyone will achieve more, ranging from the students to the school to the teachers. A number of strategies have been employed and several other imperative plans are in the offing.

The teachers in the department include ; Mr. Joh Borter(HOD), Mr. Makhachimba Sasaka (HOS), Mr. Daniel Wanjala (Deputy Principal), Mr. Milton Azaria(DOS), Ms. Gertrude Khatete, Mrs. Zipporah Mulumia.

The department aims at making Chesamisi High School an academic power house in the region and in the nation by making Geography as a subject to be the school’s academic mainstay.

Makhachimba HOS


Creative arts is the largest among the co-curricular departments whose main objective is to identify, nurture and promote creativity and innovation among would be talented students. In order to achieve the above objective we have established good and cordial relationship with other departments who help us identify talented and skilled students and keep them on track always.

The department is not a one man show; we work together with a number of patrons, matrons, directors and trainers who are charged with the responsibility of ensuring the best performance in their dockets.

The following are among the many patrons manning different sub departments. Art and design- Mr. Aggrey Omega, Drama – Mrs. Anne Maleche, Scouting- Mrs. Millicent Masasa and John Wanyong’o, Wildlife – Azaria Milton, Presidential Award – Mr. Daniel Wanjala, Maths – Mr. Noel Simiyu, SDA – Mr. Borter John, Music – Madam Aziza Asiku, YCS – Mr. Makhongo Bruno,  Science fair – Mr. Mukubwa Clement, Journalism – Mrs. Eunice Kimeto, French – Madam Hilda Watitwa, Debating – Mr. Njasi Ambrose, Young Farmers – Mr. Charles Chembeni and Peace Club - Mrs. Ann Maleche.

In 2015, various clubs participated in different activities ranging from competitions, rallies and outreach community mission. Drama represented the region and school in Nakuru during the National Drama festivals with a narrative, scouting represented the county and the school at the regionals at Bukembe. Science Fair and the choir represented the county and the school in Busia and Bungoma respectively. The Christian Union held a weekend challenge in the school while SDA AND YCs participated in the rallies organized by their various denominations.

We managed to achieved the above due to the support we received from BOM  and the school community as a whole .Thank you all. Look forward to even better achievements in the forthcoming years. Long live Chesamisi.

The growth in numbers has come as a result of two things; first, the way we market the subject and secondly most students taking the subject would like to pursue technical course at tertiary level. Some of the courses they are eyeing include interior design, landscaping, architecture and just to mention a few.

Student’s interest triples whenever we bring around students who pursued the subject and are currently pursuing art and craft related subjects.

Finally we join the rest of Kenyans towards attaining vision 2030

Omega Aggrey

Patron Creative Arts


The responsibilities of a man and a woman are three, beget, feed and educate children. Give the society humans and not men, giving to the state citizens and not liabilities - Jack Russell German Philosopher.

Our endeavor is to give to the society humans and to the state citizens by inculcating the virtues of hard work, discipline, honesty, perseverance, self-respect and self-drive.

The careers department is the nerve of the school, it is in charge of the following:

  1. Analyzing all exams in the school.
  2. Registering candidates for national examinations.
  3. Registering students during admissions.
  4. Keeping records of academic performance in school.
  5. Advising students on career choices and counselling.

The department boasts of assisting several students to get good courses at the university.

My advice to the students is bury the past and live in the present and march into the future ahead of you, for yesterday is a dream and tomorrow is a vision of hope. It doesn’t matter what you have been undergoing, always bear in mind every second bring up a fresh beginning, every hour brings hope for life, just like a cup of tea it depends on how you make it. Lest you forget one minute is enough to make a friend, one second is enough to ruin your life and one true pat is enough to color your life.

Last but not least, a good teacher is like a candle, it spares nothing even itself, as it lights up the surrounding for others.

Long live chesamisi boys’

Mr. Benbellah Barasa H.O.D


Motto:To enhance good morals

Vision: To nurture a visionary and upright person

Mission: To produce a role model person morally, socially and spiritually

This is a crucial department in the school. We are tasked with assisting our students to understand and cope with issues that affect them in an emotionally healthy and practical way.

Members of the department include;

Mrs. Zipporah Mwikali- HOD

Mrs Anne Waweru – Assistant HOD peer Counsellors club

Mr. Cheben Charles -  Assistant HOD, Secretary Class coordinators

Mr. Josephat Wasilwa – Welfare

Mrs. Millicent Masasa – Class coordinator peer counselors

Mr. John Bortar – Pastoral

Mr. Werunga – Careers

Ms. Zipporah Mulumia -  Class coordinator

Mr. Fred Masinde – Pastoral, HOD Games

Mr. Geoffrey Kale – HOD Boarding

Ms. Getrude Khatete – Peer counselor

Mr. Nauto – Peer counselor

Mr. Aggrey Omega – Clubs and societies

Mr. Njasi Ambrose -  Class coordinator

In addition to the above regular teachers, the department is privileged to be enriched every term by teacher trainees from different universities and colleges. They greatly inspire the students as role models and peer counselors.

The visionary members have been able to equip the students effectively with life skills to help them deal with the challenges of everyday life. Some of the challenges include; drugs and substance abuse, relationships, truancy, managing time etcetera.

The following departmental goals have been achieved with ease

  1. Class teachers exchange program
  2. Family meetings
  3. Peer counselor meetings
  4. Invitation of internal and external speakers
  5. Rehabilitation of students with discipline challenges
  6. Teaching life skills lesson

Providing basic needs and internal school bursary for the less fortunate students with the help of the school administration

As a department, we work hand in hand with all other departments in the school and the administration. We hold frequent sessions with students both as a group and individually hence assisting students unlock their potential and lead a meaningful life for a fulfilled future.

On behalf of the department, I thank the school administration for facilitating internal counselors. The members of the teaching staff who have made our work easy and manageable through their participation, the entire students body for their cooperation and sincerely request that you continue with the same spirit. God bless Chesamisi High School.

Zipporah Mwikali

HOD Guiding and counselling

In order to achieve it's core reason for having students in school and help the students realize their set targets and pursue their studies with zeal and commitment, Chesamisi boys high school has established effective academic departments.

Each academic department is supported by members who are part of the teaching staff of the school. On the same, a number of departments have more than one curriculum under them that they oversee.

Apart from teaching and equipping learners with knowledge and skill both theorectical and practical, each department has put in place several programmes to enhance the understandability of the particular subject that it oversees.