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To enhance and co-ordinate quality Education for versatile and diligent youth.

To attain quality education for life-long achievement.

Integrity, Diligence, Determination, Humility and Honesty



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The principal,deputy principal and the student council 2016
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The new classroom block
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The teaching staff football team 2016
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The teaching staff 2016
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The teaching practice staff football team term 2 2016
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The laboratory technicians at work
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Students gather for an art demonstration
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Welcome to the official website of Chesamisi Boys High school. We are a top performing boys provincial school and a co-curricular giant  located on the slopes of the famous Mt. Elgon in Bungoma county.

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We Chesamisi Boys High school prides in having produced prominent students who continue to  shape the history of the world all over. This is synonymous with the word, “Buffalo ” that is used in reference to the school.

The school heavily borrows  from the character of this animal. Being one of Africa’s Big five, It's among the most feared animals and it is  very determined. As it runs towards its target, it has one mission, to achieve it’s goal. If it encounters any challenge, it knocks down the obstacles off its way and that is why Chesamisi Boys bears the same characteristics as a buffalo and we are true to our Motto, “Determined to Excel”.


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